UX/UI and IxD? The basics of User Experience

If you are a startupper or the CEO of a company and you have decided to create or redesign a website for your business, you have probably discovered confusing terms such as user experience. This mysterious trend in web design has become a sine qua non-condition for the development of any page.

The opportunities for UX, UI and IxD designers have increased on platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer or similar, and the confusion about this term have raised with it.

For this reason, we have made this post to clarify some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

UX? How do you do that?

To clarify, the acronym UX means nothing more than user experience, that is, everything that the client experiences and feels when they come into contact with our brand and, regarding web design, when they come into contact with the entire dimension of the web page.

Wikipedia defines it as the following:

“The user experience is the set of factors and elements related to the interaction of the user, with a specific environment or device, whose result is the generation of a positive or negative perception of said service, product or device.”

user experience design

This term has emerged to discover graphic and web design whose focus is not only on the attractiveness of a page but its usability and the experience that the client feels when navigating through it.

This type of design has adapted to the new paradigm of contemporary advertising and digital marketing, in which the client decides to live the experience rather than being pushed through it.

For a user experience designer to carry out their work, it is necessary for them to understand the needs and wishes of the brand’s public, so that from this they can devise a web experience plan that suits each of these aspects.

This is achieved by the UX designers through tests or direct validations (focus groups, interviews, survey of mental models) or indirect (a / b test, heat maps, click maps) that facilitate the understanding of the behavior and experience of the users

What about the UI?

UI design is a name that refers to the design of user interfaces, which is, the digital artifact which customers interact when navigating through the website, it’s the importance of interface design, interaction, and experience.

The design of the user experience connects inevitably with the design of the user interface because, in the contemporary planning of web pages, each element with which a customer interacts is designed to adapt to their needs and desires as a public of the brand.

The interface designers, those in charge of the technical, logical and mechanical aspects of the website, work together with the designers of experience to reach an ideal midpoint: user interaction.

User interaction

The user interaction design, sometimes abbreviated as IxD, by interaction design is the practice of planning the actions of a user in a web platform through the synergistic work of a strategically thought interface and a user experience designed according to the sensations and requirements of the client.

The union of these three elements gives shape to the new rules of web design in 2017: a design completely made for the user and its requirements.

Importance of interface, interaction and experience design

Importance of interface interaction and experience design

Although the term user experience design sounds novel, it is not far from the marketing trends of recent years. More and more digital businesses and startups are emerging, and it is increasingly difficult to achieve a space in such a competitive market.

This is why companies are investing much more effort in trying to provide users the best experience through their digital ecosystem and in the delivery of their value proposition.

The inclusion of inbound strategies, which seek the attraction of new customers organically and spontaneously, without pushing or harassing them to become promoters of your brand, is not only a way to adapt to a new trend, but a way to ensure the survival of your company in a context of demanding and critic customers.

Hence, it is so important to understand the function of these concepts and take them as a starting point to plan the experience of your customers through the website and the digital ecosystem of your business.

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