Joomla 3.8 could be the key for the growth of your business

In the world of web design and especially among digital entrepreneurs, the term WordPress has become a keyword. Many discussions about responsive and interactive web layouts have been set around this server as the perfect platform for this kind of projects. However, some alternatives have an amazing potential of offering great virtual experiences.

One of those alternatives is Joomla, one of the best content management systems in the world, which has recently released its new official version Joomla 3.8. This update appeared this September 19th of 2017 as a package full of important changes for all the users, developers and web designers that usually use this platform and were expecting since last April.

We are going to talk about that in this article, but first, we are going to quickly a bit about the origins and the importance of this system for all those that are not familiar with the topic.

What is Joomla and why it is important?

Joomla is an Open Source platform that works as a content management system. Since 2005, it has been trying to be an alternative web development and design tool, and several prizes and recognitions prove what it has achieved, awards that might increase this year after the releasing of the new version of the system: Joomla 3.8.

This Open platform works with PHP, a programming language that is capable of generating layouts for web design easily and quickly, two features that are deeply important for the creators of Joomla.

Its versatility allows users to host all kind of web pages, from e-commerce business with high levels of complexity to personal blogs, one of the reasons why some of the most well-recognized brands in the world have decided to use Joomla, such as  MTV, Harvard, and iHop.

A big community of users all around the world contributed to the creation of lots of useful extensions and plugins to support this platform, that makes the software more functional. For that reason, it is important that new users think about Joomla not as a simple application for content management and web design, but as a large group of software and resources.

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What’s new with Joomla 3.8?

In that way, to be more and more useful for its huge community, this platform for web design and digital interaction has evolved to present its users, and its users’ business, more development options and features.

After some months of waiting after its last update, the Joomla team has announced the release of the new official version 3.8., which get users to be one step closer to reach the milestone Joomla 4.

In that manner, the arrival of this fresh-from-the-oven version Joomla 3.8 means several interesting changes to compete, adding more than 300 new features, among which some important innovations highlight:

  • A new routing system: this allows to improve the structure of the URLs to make them more customizable and adaptable to the users’ needs.
  • Compatibility with older versions: due to the upcoming milestone of Joomla 4, the team of decided to make the first compatibility pack that will help connect the next version of the system with the old ones.
  • Easier extension and data groups creation and incorporation.
  • Now, it allows encrypted data processing.

Why is Joomla a good option?

More than these updates, Joomla has other competitive advantages that make it a good alternative to other similar systems for content management, e.g., its easy-to-use and intuitive interface or its gratuity.

Joomla is a completely free platform due to its non-corporative and volunteer origins, which is a plus point in front of platforms that work with modalities of premium packages. This could be very beneficial for small and medium-sized business, that doesn’t count with a big budget to make major investments.

The nature of this open platform ensures that won’t be any important surprises or obstacles for the web design or development of your site. Conversely, Joomla adapts perfectly to your objectives and interests, which can be reached with quickness due to the enormous quantity of plugins and extensions that have been developed by a community of collaborators.

For all these reasons, Joomla 3.8. could be the key to making the development and the web design of your business. The possibilities are infinite, and we work focused on making your ideas a reality through this CMS.

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