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Team committed to your success

Our team is made up of professionals in different areas, capable of generating the best strategies to bring your business to success.


Christopher Fernandez


The Founder and CEO of Leap is responsible for leading all areas of the company as a whole with the team of professionals and providing the best strategies to follow to achieve the success of our customers.

Delia Churión

Senior Graphics Artist & LEAP Ambassador (Spain)

Delia, in addition to being an amazing artist in all design matters, is also responsible for representing Leap in Spain with a great sense of responsibility and skills to get the team together.

David Benavides

Senior Web Programmer & LEAP Ambassador (Mexico)

David, the methodologist and analyst of the team, besides being a programmer of excellent quality, his skills for caring about things are impeccable. His support for Leap's company and team, in general, is crucial as Leap's ambassador in Mexico.

Carlos Bracho

Administrator and SEO Strategist

Enthusiastic and hardworking, he’s in charge of collaborating in the administration of the Leap teams and being the strategist of the SEO team. He stands out for generating the best web positioning strategies and reaching the top #1 web pages.

Irving Salcedo

App Developer

Featured in the programming of applications for all needs, mobile, and web, he can cover all the requirements that the client needs.

Maryolin Restaino

SEO Analyst and Research

Restless and diligent, Maryolin the chosen one to generate the best SEO analysis and she's a part of the research team. Her ability to pay attention to detail makes her a valuable member of the team.

Erick Vargas

Social Media Campaign Strategist & Community Manager

Tenacious and active, Erick is responsible for fulfilling one of the most important tasks of the team: lead social networks and carry out social media campaigns. A job that must be done with great care and by someone with the proper skills for communication.

Mirta Márquez

Account Manager

Mirta is a very cooperative and attentive person, which makes her the one to be the manager of our clients. She's always attentive to solve any situation.

Joel Astor

Senior Graphics Artist

Brilliant and applied, Joel has the ability to turn simple images into art, a skill that no graphic artist possesses. His ability to transform the design into visual art ensures that your expectations are met.

Virginia García

Senior Web Programmer & LEAP Ambassador (Chile)

Very dynamic and excellent worker, her skills for web page programming are excellent and with the confidence to represent Leap as Leap's Ambassador in Chile.

Sheiri Morales

Video Production

Her ability to develop the best graphics and arts in graphic video production is excellent. Your videos will captivate your users and yourself.

Jonnathan Pernia

Branding and Research

Our brand specialist, he’s an important part of our team, plus an important member of the research team.

Oscar Fernandez

LEAP Ambassador (Peru)

The most experienced of the team and with extensive experience in business management to make him an excellent member of the team as Representative of Leap in Peru.

Diana Tapia

Administrator and Account Manager

Proactive and efficient, Diana is in charge of collaborating with the other members of the Leap administration and as the client's manager. Her efficiency leaves nothing to be said.

Alejandro Pérez

Content Writer

Fast and scathing when writing, with specialization in generating quality content for users and all types of content for various digital environments.



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