From Traditional To Digital: Why Social Media Is So Important

Nowadays, social media plays an important role in the broadcasting and commercialization offered in the market of almost every product and service. They are vital to anchor your current audience and to attract new segments and to get your traffic to the level that your business needs to start thriving.

From several years ago, practically all digital devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks) come with social media applications integrated. Hence, a good strategy regarding social media management is just like putting traditional advertising in the most transited way of a city.

It is important to take into consideration the following points to take full advantage of the potential of the social media, to generate engagement with your public and to attract more traffic to your website:

Unidirectional communication between customers and companies no longer exists

Those times when companies used to control what was said and how it was said and to eliminate the negative critics are gone. Now communication flows both ways: the public sees, chooses, comments, shares and decides through the internet and the social networks. Those are the new communication channels.

Nowadays, everything can be measured

contemporary measurement tools make everything quantifiable, every single step that your customer does and every action they make. This is the reason why experts currently know that:

  • 15% of the users of the digital media ask questions regarding customer service.
  • 71% of the people that has a positive experience in the social networks tend to recommend the brand, the company, and its products to other people.

 Social networks are diverse

There are lots of different social networks, but the most used ones are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Foursquare. Also, each one of those is focused on different audiences and offer different possibilities for promotion and advertising; this is something that can help with your marketing strategy.

⦁ Youtube

It allows you to share videos with a longer duration than other platforms, through which you can achieve things like:

  • Promoting new collections and kits of products
  • Creating tutorials to explain how certain tools work.
  •  Broadcast special sells
  •  Generate knowledge about the brand.

⦁ Facebook

Maybe, this one is the most important of all; it is indispensable to have a Facebook fan page to get followers to your brand or company. It is the preferred channel through which customers comment their experiences with the product. It is important to keep it updated and to post notes, pictures and to promote interaction.

⦁ Instagram

Is a photographic social network, but it is easy to increase the engagement of your brand, company or business through this platform. It is a very useful tool to show products and to impulse Facebook strategies.

⦁ Tumblr

This is a social network of blogs with more than 50 millions of entrances.  This network is flexible concerning postable content and can be integrated with other social media. It is ideal to post blogs related to your company because it can increase the visibility of it in the search browsers.

If you pay attention to all the previous things you can get an idea of how can you take advantage of social media and, again, you can clarify their importance for the development and the diffusion of your business.



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