4 reasons why you will run to create your Facebook fanpage

If anything we are sure all millennials is the importance of social networks for the development of our lives and knowledge of our environment. We also know that among all these, Facebook is the queen.

You will hardly find any contemporary person who doesn´t have this social network (if even the grandparents are there). However, despite its importance to maintain the contact between our acquaintances and our environment, there is a very important faculty that has Facebook and of which we are going to talk a little bit today.

In this opportunity it is convenient to talk about the importance of Facebook for the development of your company, not everything is about Instagram, my friends.

To be more specific, we want you to know why is it essential to have a facebook fanpage for your brand today. The great potential of this social network is due to the millions of visitors that it receives daily.

But now, what is the advantage of having a fanpage, why is it different from the conventional profile? Stay with us, and you will know these big differences that can also mark the direction of your brand, company or simply your personal branding.

Here we present some interesting reasons that will allow you to be sure that if your business or company does not have a fanpage on facebook, you must go to open it right now.

1) Benefits: Fan pages, because they are intended for your business or company, have additional tools, such as statistics, other benefits that the fanpages offer for your business are online reputation, customer loyalty and more

2) Statistics: That is mentioned among one of the advantages presented in the first reason.

The fan pages have a statistical control that allows you to know which people have seen your article shared, note, or what you have decided to publish.

3) More and better communication: Fan pages give you the opportunity to be more open to your audience regardless of certain privacies; after all, the important thing is that you can make yourself known or your condition gets better.

In the profiles, an authorization is required from both parties to connect; in the fan page, with a single click they are already connected and consuming the information.

4) Comfortable promotion: Fan pages can be tailored, or at least they are highly customizable, and they offer you the possibility of adding applications and linking it with other pages, as well as contact forms, subscription buttons for email marketing, etc.

There are many reasons that we can give you, but we are sure that you will discover many, many more.

A Fan Page gives your company or business a definite presence in the social network and positions yourself as an expert in the market area.

So, create your page and get the most out of publishing content of interest.

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