What is a lead and why is it important for your business?

Through the pass of the years and the evolution of digital marketing, the way how clients are perceived has changed enormously. Hence, terms such as lead have emerged to redefine the interaction with the public. If you are not familiar with what is a lead, you might’ve been planning against the mainstream of contemporary marketing, because, at least in the field of services and long-buying-cycle products, this word has become a cornerstone.

What is a lead?

In simple words, a lead is not more than a register made by someone who gets in contact with your company through your digital ecosystem (website, blog or social media). After getting to know the value proposition of the brand or after finding themselves convinced through some digital marketing strategy or content, this lead decides to give his or her contact information.

These people are organically attracted to the brand, without generating pressure or making bothering petitions, but guided through the whole digital ecosystem with the aim of making them stay going closer to the buying of a product or service, a process that is very different from the traditional methods of invasive a pushing marketing.

In that way, a new lead is not more than a person that identifies him or herself for the first time in front a brand, but this act of volunteer identification is only possible when the potential client feels attracted with its value proposition.

Brands nowadays limitate their efforts of convincing a people that have a real interest in what is offered rather than individuals that are disconnected from the value proposition of it. Thus, while leads evolve through the buying cycle, they keep changing their level of interest and their status change.

For that reason, they can be categorized in two:

Marketing qualified leads:

Those registers that have a high potential of becoming clients of the brand because has proven a certain level of interest in the value proposition of the product, so that they can receive content stimulation, special sells and other kinds of advertising and marketing to motivate them to keep developing their buying interest.

Sell qualified leads:

This leads are those whose level of interest is higher and are completely interested in the value proposition of the brand by asking prices and technical specifications.

Now, you might ask yourself how can you turn leads from a category to another and what kind of things you have to take into account in the process of achieving that:

What to know to transform a type of lead to another?

Lead nurturing: This technique of digital marketing consists in a group of strategies used to nurture the leads with information that makes them consider in a better way the value proposition of the company and help them transform throughout the buying cycle.

Lead scoring: This method consists in the way of having leads tracked, building a system of scores and rates that allow selling departments to focus only on leads that have a big potential of becoming clients.

Now you have the information to start building your strategy for leads acquisition, thinking about how you can convert them and what tactics you can start implementing with your clients, helping them increase their sells through digital marketing.

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