Content Marketing with little budget

We usually relate “a lot of money” with “quality,” but even though this is a real situation, it is not always accurate. Many times you can get amazing results without saying goodbye to all your money.

To achieve this, it is necessary to prove your ingenuity and begin to invest wisely.

If you are starting your blog, you want to transform it into your own business, but you do not have much money, here are a series of strategies that will enhance your content marketing, without any space for failure:


Valuable Content:

This must become your new motto. Creating quality content is one of the best strategies you can know. This more than anything will make the audience stay attentive to each one of your publications; you must make them need your publications to resolve their questions.

In addition to this, if your content is fresh, relevant, attractive and useful enough, the consumer will be willing to share it. What is better than getting advertising benefits without spending your money?

Although, you should know that it is not enough just to say interesting facts that educate your reader; It is necessary that the information is consumable.

Undoubtedly the manual of your new refrigerator contains a lot of necessary information but, do you really read it? Do you run to tell your neighbors about it? surely your answer is no, nobody does it, and it happens because this material is very extensive and boring

Let your imagination fly and use tools that allow you to design and create simply.

It is not necessary to be an expert designer to make a great infographic or post. The Canva tool is one of the favorites.

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Become visible, position your blog!

Besides a high impact content, you, my friend need Positioning. Maybe this word is already well known to you, or maybe you never heard it, but if that is the case, something’s not right.

The main intention of creating a blog is to get people to visit your site, and keep coming back, or not? To be successful, you must optimize it so that the search engines will find it; there are basic steps to achieve it:

It’s about the Keywords, highlighted in bold, strategic titles, strategic descriptions, inbound marketing (keep people browsing your website with internal links), you could even write as a guest in another blog and have links direct to your blog.

Articles with strategic extension; short, and easy to understand paragraphs easy to understand and so much more, we could make thousands of articles only about SEO.

Another SEO strategy that can help you is to pay for sponsored articles. You can go to a quality blog and ask for an article in the form of an interview or an advertorial.

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They will be happy to write about you because each item has a cost between USD $50 and USD $150. This is clear, if you have some money, remember that it is necessary to invest wisely.

Evaluate and monitor:

If you only apply random strategies, you will never know what works for you and what does not work for you. Try different methods always thinking about the audience.

There are numerous tools out there that can help you get to know your audience and evaluate the feedback, through numbers and many other factors.

The feedback is your right hand, thanks to this important element you will know clearly what you should talk about in your blog. If you have social networks, it is necessary that you also control the traffic of your accounts.

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E-mail marketing:

Even with all the advances that exist in digital marketing, the use of email marketing is still a compelling strategy. It is the only one that allows you to fight on equal terms with the big companies on the web.

However, approximately one billion of emails are sent each year, but a lot of it is considered spam. So what separates a good campaign from a bad one?

It is important that your first contact with the client is attractive enough for them to go to the next, do not say everything, create a bit of curiosity and tension. Create a template to which the client cannot resist (here you could invest a little more money)

Try to be as personal as possible, the client likes to feel that the information is direct and not for a mass audience, conveys happiness, quality and highlights the benefits of the product.

The internet gives you numerous tools to get out of anonymity and turn your blog into the favorite of readers, but you must be very wise when you invest your time and money.

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We are sure that these simple steps will bring you a little closer to your goal. Success!

What is your favorite successful strategy? 

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