4 Tips to optimize your email marketing

For many people, email marketing can get a bit annoying, and it’s perfectly compressive when we find 300 useless messages in our inbox. For that reason, if we think about making this an effective tool, we must act very intelligently.

Generally, when we consider email marketing optimization, it is because there is low performance and scope. But even if your marketing program acts correctly, there can always be room for improvement. Dare to be the number one!

However, as we mentioned at the beginning this is not a tool that can be applied randomly, it is a double-edged sword, you can become the main annoyance of your reader.

Therefore, this time we will talk about certain strategies that will make you the focus of your client’s attention. Demographic data of the user, particular interests, and much more information can become your biggest ally to win the customer.

optimize your email marketing

4 basic and very simple techniques that will make you the king of email marketing.

1. Segmentation of lists: aims to win

In the market, some terms are inescapable, one of them is: Segmentation, this concept is what allows us to attack the indicated niche with the indicated information. It’s simple; it’s about telling people exactly what they expect to hear, at the moment.

Each group of people has different characteristics due to their age or the influence of their social environment. Therefore, the first technique to discuss is the segmentation process of the email marketing list or database.

List segmentation is done by dividing the main list of larger emails into smaller segments. This to present the public with offers and directed messages.

Depending on your internal marketing resources or the size of your marketing email list or database, this can mean simply splitting in two, but maybe you need a more complicated job because you have too much information.

Always remember: The more direct a message is, the more efficient it will be.

2. A / B:

This technique is more about a test than anything else; it allows us to evaluate results and get to know our audience to improve the message much more and better. This strategy is to test several elements of your email marketing campaign in different ways; these will be represented as A and B.

Prepare strategically the same message but structured in different ways, you can change certain elements that change the style of the message. You can compare elements and evaluate the results obtained.

For example, you can randomly divide your email list and try two different subject lines to see which one gets a higher opening rate. You can also try different contents.

Each time you test an element of an email (A) against a different version of it (B), you have an A / B test. The tests will allow you to obtain, over time, a list of best practices and strategies you can use for your email marketing.

3. Act strategically and evaluate your results:

Stop acting at random and learn to determine what really works for you.

Adopt a process of drawing up a plan. Before continuing with the use of any of these strategies, you should explore.

To optimize your email marketing, you need to obey a certain systematic approach:

  • Make a list of the items you want to try.
  • Determine the parts of the list in your email that you want to segment
  • Organize ideas for offers and messages that can be more effective
  • Keep in mind analyze details such as: hours, dates, spam complaints, etc.

4. Metrics, dear metrics:

You will never have a good administration if you don’t  dedicate yourself to measuring your results. No strategy is complete if you don’t evaluate it, so that you have an idea here we leave you a list of the factors that you can not stop monitoring to keep your email optimized.

  • Total number of emails sent
  • Total number of emails delivered
  • Unique number of open emails
  • Open rate: open emails / delivered emails
  • Click to open rate: unique clicks / unique open emails
  • Clickthrough rate: single clicks / emails delivered
  • Unique subscription cancellation number
  • Subscription cancellation fee: exclusive cancellations / emails delivered (expressed as a percentage)

Now, with these 4 email marketing tips, keep your emails optimized. Success! 

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